5 Things To Consider Before Buying A Water Softener

A lot of homeowners are asking the Internet ‘what is the best water softener for my home’. However, it is not the type of water softener that matters here as much as your needs. Also, it is important to know the purpose of every water softener before actually purchasing it for your home.

Basically, hard water that comes from your tap contains minerals, iron and other impurities. These can cause many water appliances in your home (water heaters, washing machines etc.) to become clogged up and not last as long as you would expect them to. Hard water can also affect your laundry and work surface, as well as the bathroom, building up over time.

Tips For Buying A Water Softener

However, you have to be cautious when buying a water softener – and always refer to the following tips before making your decision.

1)            Make sure you have hard water that needs softening – First and foremost, you should make sure that your home has hard water to begin with. Hard water is defined as one that has more hardness minerals than one grain per gallon – which can be tested easily.

2)            Determine how much softened water you need daily – Buying a water softener is not an easy decision, especially with all those different models out there. So, make sure to determine whether it should be fully manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic – all based on the needs of your household daily and the output of all the equipment you are reviewing.

3)            Is it necessary to remove iron and manganese – If your water softener is salt-based, make sure to see if the salt may cause health problems for you, mostly because of the sodium salts and the possibility of overloading your septic system.

4)            Review the cost of installation – The price of a water softener is not the same when you see it – and when you add the installation cost to it. So, make sure to not be ripped off by the company that does the installation and negotiate the price accordingly.

5)            See if you are willing to maintain it – Water softeners need maintenance. Even if you get a fully automatic one, maintenance is still necessary – and it basically includes restocking the salt supply for the brine solution and cleaning the brine tank periodically.

Final Thoughts on Buying A Water Softener

As you can see from what’s mentioned above, there are numerous considerations when it comes to choosing a water softener for your needs. The most popular water softeners are salt-based but the reality is that there are four different processes for softening water, all in need of proper maintenance and cleaning.

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