Say Goodbye to Rust in Your Home’s Water

High concentration of certain minerals such as iron in your water is an indication of either a plumbing problem or an issue causing leakage of sediments from the pipes to the tap. Rust is a common term which refers to the presence of compounds such as iron and oxygen in water and it is usually formed when there is an exposure of free iron to water and oxygen in the air. There are different ways rust sediment can be eliminated. Two of the major water purification methods include the use of a water softener and water filter.

Water Softener

You may have tried different rust elimination options but still cannot get rid of rust stains on your sinks or shower. This is a common problem today and one that people battle with regularly. However, water softeners are just an ideal solution as they do not just reduce the rust stains from the water, they eliminate rust altogether.

An ion exchange water softener contains minerals such as sodium which combines chemically with iron to remove rust. When connected to your water supply, water softeners remove a wide variety of mineral compounds that make water “hard” and difficult to use. However, experts recommend that a water softener should only be used for drinking water with iron concentration below 2ppm.

Water Filtration

Water filtration for the elimination of rust is especially ideal if the iron concentration in your municipal water supply or well water is high. The best water filters are particularly designed to eliminate iron and any other contaminants such as manganese that often accompany it. Although water softening devices may be able to remove iron and even prevent staining, the resin bed can gradually become fouled with iron over time leading to decreased iron elimination efficiency. A better solution would be to install a water filter for iron elimination before water reaches the water softener. You could also install a special water filter to the main water supply line of your home if you prefer not to use a water softener.

Contact The Experts

It is best to avoid wasting money on trying out different iron elimination methods for water purification if you have any ongoing problems. It would be ideal to contact your local water filtration or water softener expert, so they can find the most suitable iron filter according to the water analysis of your home. Getting the right fit will save you costs in the long run as water purification systems that are too big or too small for your water contamination or water usage level will only cause energy wastage. With the best decisions for your home water, you can say goodbye to rust and welcome only clean, fresh water.

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