Benefits of Having a Water Softener In Your Home

Are you curious about how your water softener is able to provide your entire house with water that is free of iron and other minerals?  It always amazes me the difference between water that has gone through the ionization process and water that has not.  Admittedly there are times when the salt in the softener runs out and we are left to deal with a shower or two where the water is less than soft, and we definitely notice the difference. 

In the article from Popular Mechanics, “How a Water Softener Works (And Why You Might Want One)” homeowners learn about the inner workings of a water softener, how hard water affects your lives, and how a variety of other water treatment systems can improve the quality of the water in your home.  Water softeners are a terrific tool for bringing soft water to faucets throughout the entire house but for true high-quality drinking water straight from the tap homeowners may consider the installation of an under sink reverse osmosis filter

The experts at Reynolds Water Conditioning want to bring quality water to homes throughout Southeast Michigan.  Let us test your water sample today to determine what water treatment system would best improve the water quality in your home.