City of Destin, FL Wins Water Tank of the Year

Across the United States and Canada, over 23,000 votes were cast and 300 water tanks nominated for Tank of the Year competition sponsored by Tnemec Company, Inc. A panel of water tank enthusiasts selected the tank design based on criteria such as artistic value, significance of the tank to the community, and challenges encountered during the project. Bossier City, Louisiana was the winner of the People’s Choice competition, as it won 6,281 votes from members of the public.

Scott Keilbey, Director of Sales – Water Tank Market at Tnemec explained, “The tank includes a one-of-a-kind seascape mural that now stands high above Destin in an ultra-realistic homage to all the wildlife that call the Gulf of Mexico home. From the beginning, Destin knew its tank would need to be unique, which is why they chose long-time water tank mural artist, Eric Henn, to complete the piece.”

The tank was painted with Tnemec’s UV-resistant, long-lasting fluoropolymer finish, Series 700 HydroFlon, which will ensure the design will last through the hot and humid Florida climate.

Among the top 12 finalists for 2020 include tanks in: Bossier City, Louisiana; Hot Springs, Arkansas; Muscatine, Iowa; Cumming, Iowa; White Bear Lake, Minnesota; Grafton, Ohio; Hutchinson, Kansas; Troy, Virginia; Jansen, Nebraska; Pain Court, Ontario; and Kansas City, Missouri.

Keilbey explained, “This is the 15th anniversary of the competition, which recognizes municipalities for their aesthetic, creative, and innovative uses of Tnemec’s high-performance coatings on water storage tank projects. This year’s finalists represent several different types of water tanks in various shapes and sizes, all of them impressive for one reason or another.”

Destin’s tank will be featured as the month of January in Tnemec’s 2021 water tank calendar and presented as winner of Tank of the Year. The following months of the calendar will include finalists and other nominees.

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