WQA calls attention to phony door-to-door solicitations

We don’t use scare tactics to generate business”

LISLE, Ill. (May 1, 2019) – Now that spring has arrived, with solicitors busy knocking on doors, the Water Quality Association reminds homeowners that anyone claiming to represent the WQA in door-to-door solicitations should be considered an imposter.

 “The Water Quality Association does not solicit door-to-door, period,” said WQA Executive Director Pauli Undesser. “WQA has a strict code of ethics for our members and for manufacturers of water treatment products. We don’t use scare tactics to generate business.”

 Even so, WQA hears frequently from homeowners who say someone claiming to be from WQA has asked to test their water or tried to sell them a water treatment device. In just a few days this April, homeowners from three cities in Texas and Florida notified WQA of people claiming to have been sent by WQA to do inspections, solicitors wearing shirts with the WQA logo, and people passing out flyers that falsely claim membership in the WQA. One homeowner even provided a doorbell camera photo.

WQA recommends homeowners have their water tested by a water treatment professional or certified lab. Water treatment professionals who hold membership in WQA are allowed to use the “WQA Member” logo in specific ways but not to claim to represent the Association instead of a dealership; WQA members in your area can be found using WQA’s Find Water Treatment Providers tool. The Association offers other suggestions for finding reputable water treatment professionals on its website.

In addition, WQA recommends treatment products that have been certified to work as claimed. Consumers can visit WQA’s product certification listings to search WQA’s database of certified products.