Do You Trust the Quality of Water Coming from Your Tap?

Ever since the water crisis in Flint, MI many homeowners all around the United States have started to pay closer attention to the water coming from their tap.  Issues with the water supply in Milwaukee have recently surfaced as well, more info can be found at NPR WUWM 89.7.  This focus on tap water quality has led to research, both official and unofficial, being done on where people are getting their drinking water from.  It is safe to say that most homeowners are still enjoying quality water from their taps, 51% remarking they drink straight from the tap and 40% saying they filter tap water before drinking it.  This isn’t really a surprise considering the multitude of water treatment options available to remove the contaminants in water throughout the home.  If you are one of the many homeowners questioning the quality of your tap water the experts at Reynolds water Conditioning Company help!